Pavasal stands out by the quality of its work and service. Our desire for excellence is recognised in our sector and by our clients as a differential value of our company and it is embodied in our Quality and Environment Policy. Similarly, the current construction market is characterised by the growing level of exigency in the services requested, which obliges us to compete by innovating and undertaking a constant development of improvements in our services and production processes.




Pavasal dedicates all resources necessary in the organisation to guarantee that, in terms of their nature and magnitude, all the products, services and activities carried out are environmentally friendly. With this in mind, it has established a Quality and Environmental policy, an Energy Management Policy and an Environmental Management System, based on the UNE-EN-ISO 14001 Standard, where it undertakes to permanently incorporate and develop, through its R&D Department, innovations that reduce environmental impact.

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Health and safety of people

Pavasal dedicates the necessary resources to guarantee that all activities carried out in its offices, facilities and sites are performed without unnecessary risks that affect its workforce’s health.

The Company, through its POccupational Health and Safety Policy, has a ongoing commitment to guarantee working conditions beyond the mere compliance with legal and regulatory occupational health and safety requirements. The Occupational Health and Safety Management System implemented is being certified, by an accredited third party, under the standard ISO 45001.

A commitment which is realised in our occupational health and safety services, present in all offices, in continuous training actions, consultation tools such as “portal salud” (health portal) or internal communication campaigns that maintain and delve deeper into the occupational safety and health commitments of the individual, the work team and all the workforce.

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Seguridad y salud de las personas