CSR starts with a responsible activity

PAVASAL configures its CSR policy from the idea that the true responsibility of a company starts with the stringent performance of its own duties and responsibilities.

For this reason, we consider that performing our work with quality, fulfilling our salary and tax obligations and meeting our financial commitments are our main pillars in the field of CSR.

Only if we fulfil the above will we give true meaning to our other initiatives.



Since 1943.

Sustained profitability and employment: 841 employees.

Quality employment: on average employees have been with the company over 10 years, 66% permanent contracts.

Commitment to the local area and distribution of employment throughout the geography of the Comunitat Valenciana.

Responsibility with society in the corporate purpose.

Code of ethics and Compliance.

Own R&D&I and in cooperation - UNE 166002.



10,000 hours of training per year within working hours.

Health and safety policies.

Gender equality policies and campaigns: “Equality in the Company” distinction from the Ministry of Equality, “Fent Empresa” distinction from the Generalitat Valenciana.

Innovation: projects to improve safety in preservations.



Energy self-consumption infrastructures in our facilities.

Measures to improve industrial energy consumption: manufacturing of asphalt with energy efficiency measures, reduction of CO2 emissions in manufacturing plants.

Responsible and sustainable construction: durable and energy-efficient constructions, local materials to save on emissions.

Product innovation: recycled asphalt, sound absorbing, decontaminating paving that works against the “heat island” effect..

Restoration of quarries, waste recovery (DCW plants), coast conservation.



Support for science and culture through sponsorships and collaborations:

Rei Jaume 1 Awards.

Palau de les Arts.

Cañada Blanch Foundation.

“Concerts a la Fundació” cycle in the Bancaja Foundation.


Aula Pavasal Ingeniería y Sociedad (Pavasal Engineering and Society lectures), in the Valencia Polytechnic University.

Pavasal Chair for Leadership and Management of Organisations in the Catholic University of Valencia.

Week of Civil Engineering and the Environment in the ETSICCP (Higher Technical School of Civil Engineering).

Business-Culture Chair of the Fundación Universidad Empresa (University-Enterprise Foundation) (ADEIT) University of Valencia.

Partnerships and collaboration:

Business partnerships: AVE, CEV, Conexus Foundation, Círculo de Empresarios (Business Association), AED, APD and others.

Industry and technical partnership: ASEFMA, AEC, ACEX, SEOPAN, CCCV, BUILDING SMART and others.

Collaboration with related entities: COICCP, IICV, COIAL and others.



Sustainable development goals