Pavasal has its own innovation department which has led the Company to become a sector benchmark due to its advances in roads and paving.

In these fields of activity, R&D&I is understood to be a permanent process, particularly in relation to road surface technology and new products, and to the manufacturing and installation processes of bituminous products (emulsions, cold and hot mix asphalts).

R+D+i vision

PAVASAL’s vision is to be a benchmark at the state level in the field
of construction and provision of conservation services, relying on the
innovation developed within the organization, taking as a point of
reference the needs of our clients, in order to achieve their full
satisfaction, sustainability and energy efficiency.

R+D+i strategy

R+D+i strategy takes into account the results of the external and
internal analysis. For all these reasons, four major aspects were
defined that are intended to be achieved:

  • Search and permanent detection of the needs of its interested
    parties (customers, suppliers and users of their products and
    services) trying to satisfy all of them and even anticipate those that
    have not yet been identified.
  • Encourage the innovative culture and creativity in the
    organization’s staff, promoting the generation of innovative ideas and
    the development of new skills.
  • Encourage collaboration with other organizations (universities,
    research centers, companies and other public or private entities) that
    complement the capabilities of the company in terms of R+D+I and that
    allow take on more far-reaching innovative actions.
  • Act as a motor and incentive for the integration of the rest of the
    group companies in terms of R+D+i.

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